The new Air2G2 336 is the most productive pedestrian aerator on the market, with 36-inch probe centres allowing operators to cover ground quicker with the same industry-leading results.

Aeration has always been an integral aspect of sports turf maintenance, and the introduction of the original Air2G2 revolutionised the process. The principle of laterally injecting air using three probes up to 12-inches below the surface has de-compacted countless greens, pitches, and courts at prestigious sporting venues around the globe from Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club to Emirates Golf Club, Dubai.

The factors of no surface disruption and the option to operate the machine in wet conditions have seen many rely on the Air2G2 as their go-to solution for game or course saving aeration across all levels of professional, semi and non-professional sport. The ability to aerate when needed rather than working at designated times, has also led to more regular aeration at locations such as Royal Selangor Golf Club, Kuala Lumpur, where the Air2G2 has become vital to their maintenance programme.

Consistent use of the machine is proven to create surfaces that are healthy, firm, and free draining. This happens over time because the pressurised air fractures the hardpan layers without disrupting roots while increasing pore space which promotes faster drainage and root development. In turn, this respiration forces oxygen in and pushes CO2 and other anaerobic gases out for root zone gas exchange.

Operators have used the Air2G2 to solve a variety of problems from simple decompaction to reducing salt build-up, increasing air exchange and to introduce winter aeration programmes. With the wider 336 model, the work needed to achieve these goals can be done in less time whilst always getting the same impressive results.

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