Small things make a big difference on and off the pitch in football, and for Real Madrid the small machines making a big difference are the Dakota 310, Air2G2 Air Inject and two Martin Lishman Micro Sprayers.

Los Blancos represent the pinnacle of modern football. Their white shirts are famous the world over and are the symbol of one of the games long standing super powers. Such an impressive club require perfection everywhere, and this has led to deploying smaller lighter machines on the clubs 8,000 square meter off pitch Augustus grass area.

Head groundsman at Real Madrid CF, Paul Burgess, has the Santiago Bernabeu to maintain alongside the Ciudad training complex, including the Alfredo di Stefano Stadium. Standards across every pitch and off-pitch area remain unequivocally the same.

These ornamental gardens are kept to the same standards as golf greens, and given Paul’s eye for detail, nothing has been overlooked. After being impressed with the quality of his Dakota 412 he made the decision to explore the smaller, lighter option with fantastic results.

“When applying sand to our surfaces here at Real Madrid I cannot think of a better machine than our Dakota,” he said. “Its ease of use, even distribution and how it works with wet material makes this a must for any facility. “It’s size and manoeuvrability are both great assets and I can’t speak highly enough of the job it
does across all of our facilities.”

The 310 can spread wet or dry material in areas other machines can’t reach, and can be used on wet or soft areas tractors can’t go on. The six-meter-wide spread
is infinitely variable using the individual hand controls, giving the user the exact spread they want every time.

It is the ability to access all areas makes the Martin Lishman micro spray’s such a good option, and the decision to add another Air2G2 comes as little surprise
considering the results Paul has seen from his current fleet so far.