Mowers for Tractors

New Trimax Warlord & Eezemow & Muratori Flails in stock.

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Trimax Striker 190 U5258
Trimax Striker 190 U5258£2,950 +vat
Trimax Flaildek FX155 U5271
Trimax Flaildek FX155 U5271£3,950 +vat
Rotomec 360 Mower U5249
Rotomec 360 Mower U5249£4,750 +vat
Trimax Pegasus 493 U5124
Trimax Pegasus 493 U5124£14,750 + vat
Trimax Snake 320 U5123
Trimax Snake 320 U5123£13,950 + vat
Trimax Snake 320 U5208
Trimax Snake 320 U5208£13,950 + vat
Zagroda Flail U5012
Zagroda Flail U5012£3,950 +vat
Bomford Topper U4841
Bomford Topper U4841£1,250+vat
Port Agric Deck U4820
Port Agric Deck U4820£1,350 +VAT
Kubota Deck
Kubota Deck£700 +vat
Muratori MR Finishing Mowers
Muratori MR Finishing Mowers£1,495 to £1,595 +VAT
Perfect LB/275 Topper U4499 - NEW
Perfect LB/275 Topper U4499 - NEW£3,000 + vat
Matev Deck
Matev Deck £3,500 + vat
Muthing Flail U4569
Muthing Flail U4569£4,750 +VAT

If you require more information
simply call 01260 224568 or email us