TDS2 Sub Surface Sports Turf Decompactor

The CAMPEY™ TDS2 is a heavy duty twin leg subsoiler designed specifically for the turfcare industry. Designed to operate behind a 40hp tractor on turf tyres, the Campey TDS2 is easily adjusted to relieve compaction and aid drainage at depths between 9.5 and 37.5cm. Weighing less than 430kgs and fitted with Cat I and Cat II hitch, the Campey TDS2 is designed to deliver a sub-surface shattering effect quickly and effectively with minimum surface disturbance. This creates fissures for grass roots to into, allows excess water to drain and links up existing drainage all without the need for external hydraulics or PTO.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by their highly skilled production team, Sumo has a worldwide reputation for the highest quality, durable cultivation equipment. This combined with Campey’s renowned reputation for innovation in the turfcare industry has brought two market leaders together to deliver a simple but highly effective sub surface decompactor.

Overall transport width 
Number of legs 
Operating depth 
9.5 – 37.5cms 
Roller type
Roller width
Adjustment type
Horsepower required
Cat I,II
Breakback Protection
Shear bolt

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