This week was a short week for me as we had the first bank holiday for May. The extra day for the weekend always seems to make a difference.  However they always seem to go just as fast as any other weekend.

During my fourth week here at Campey Turf Care Systems, I had the privilege to go to Preston North End Football Club training facility and Main Stadium, Darwen Golf Course and Blackburn Rovers Football Club’s main stadium.

Even though I was unable to spend a significant amount of time at the places, I was able to gain an appreciation for what all the groundsmen do at these locations.  Every groundsmen I have met so far has a sense of pride and joy for their position.  They are all keen to do the best job possible and want their playing surfaces to look immaculate.

On my days off, I took myself out to Knowsley Safari Park. Now this wasn’t exactly what I was expecting when I drove up to the place.  At this Safari Park they allow people to drive through in their own vehicles to see all the animals.  All the animals roam free across the fields, from Camels and Zebras to even having a couple of Emus. This place had everything!  After doing the drive through there is a section which is set up similar to a zoo, they also had carnival rides for the children.

For Sunday, I was invited up to Richard Campey’s property for a traditional Sunday roast with the family.  I was also able to operate some of the farm machinery and assisted with the rolling of the paddocks.  It was a good day.

Week 5 saw me off to Malta with Lee Morgado from Campey’s, to visit the groundsmen of the Maltese Football Association.  I was there with Lee to assist and teach the guys working there with their Koro® Field Top Maker fitted with Universe® rotor, guiding them in the correct process for their second field renovation.

I have been so lucky to go to all these European countries.  I personally feel that there is definitely a difference between some of these countries and their advancement in the Turf Industry.  Australia and the United Kingdom are well on top of their game.

I found the Maltese to have a very relaxed approach towards everything.  To their credit, the nightlife which was not far from our hotel was mint. Drinks weren’t overpriced, rather reasonable I thought, so having a pizza parlour at the entrance of the hotel was ideal after a big night!

This week I am at Debdale Park sporting facility doing a complete field renovation. Stay tuned to hear how it goes.